Only two digital freedoms debates left!

I see that most of the debatabase topics for digital freedoms have now been taken (see with only ‘This House would lift national restrictions on the licensing of audiovisual content’ and ‘This House believes that information produced by a government should be made available to its citizens only’ left. It is great to see that most have been taken but obviously if there is anyone who wants to write a debate but does not want to do either of these two topics then it is bad news. Fear not! I may well be putting a couple more topics up when I know what the Youth Forum topics are to be.

Even if this is not the case I am happy to consider other topics that are not digital freedoms related. At the moment I don’t have particular list of topics for this that I want written but rather individuals can come up with ideas for debates that we don’t already have. Please check what we already have on Debatabase first. I am focusing on areas of the globe which are poorly represented at present in our debates (basically anywhere outside North America and Europe) and on topic areas which we currently lack debates like science.

If you have a topic for a debatabse debate that you wish to write please email me with your suggestion so that I can consider it. I would of course however still prefer it if the last two digital freedoms debates could be taken first!

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