Write some digital freedoms debatabase debates

Since there has not been much response to my previous post about digital freedoms debatabase topics I thought I would try again. We currently have eleven debatabase topics on digital freedoms still to choose from:

  • This House would lift national restrictions on the licensing of audiovisual content
  • This House believes that information produced by a government should be made available to its citizens only
  • This House believes that the traditional university will be replaced by online learning
  • This House would make IP laws global
  • This House supports open wireless
  • This House would allow access to all financial accounts, records, and transactions of public services
  • This House would not prosecute whistle-blowers
  • This House would require government to obtain warrants to access data that can be used to track an individual
  • This House would consider a large scale cyber attack an act of war
  • This House believes in the Right to be Forgotten
  • This House would introduce legislation to prevent cyber bullying

I would very much like to get most of these debates done, preferably in the couple of months we have before the Youth Forum at the beginning of August (where digital freedoms is the topic so having debatabase debates on the topic area may be useful). Of course I don’t expect them all to be gobbled up immediately and sent in completed in the next couple of weeks; most of those who write for us are university students and we are just at the start of the exam period.

If you are interested then please go to http://idebate.org/content/select-topic to select a topic.

I will also take this opportunity to remind people to vote for what kind of title they want for debatabase debates; motion, statement, or topic, the poll can be found on the debatabase facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Debatabase?ref=hl

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