Digital Freedoms Debates

IDEA London's office is hosting a series of debates on Digital Freedom, featuring experienced debaters from the UK circuit on topics that examine the role of technology and social media in modern societies.

Debate #1: THBT governments should be able to block Twitter during riots


  1. First Proposition: Roberto Sarrionandia, WUDC Quarterfinalist, Aberywtwyth University
  2. Second Proposition: Oskar Avery, WUDC Octofinalist, University of London Union
  3. First Opposition: Jennifer Labwo, SOAS IV Convenor, School of Oriental and African Studies
  4. Second Opposition: David Jones, International Mace Finalist, Kaplan Business School


Debate #2: Violent video games should be banned



  1. Sherzod Abdujabborov, Tajikistan
  2. Bianca Dragomir, Romania
  3. Victor Baguilat, Philippines


  1. Ioan Nascu, Romania
  2. Sinha Humayun, Bangladesh
  3. Kai Klandorf, Estonia

Debate #3: This House believes that Internet access should be considered a fundamental human right 


Opening Government

  1. Sherzod Abdujabborov, Tajikistan
  2. Sharmila Parmanand, Philippines

Opening Opposition

  1. Logandran Balavijendran, Malaysia
  2. Ioan Nascu, Romania

Closing Government

  1. Ratib Ali, Bangladesh
  2. Bianca Dragomir, Romania

Closing Opposition

  1. Rohan Chawla, India
  2. Manos Moschopoulos, Greece