Watch the BP demo debate of the Asia Youth Forum

Trainers and staff of the 2013 IDEA Asia Youth Forum took part in a demo debate on the motion that this House believes that Internet access should be considered a fundamental human right, as part of our year-long focus on the subject of digital freedoms. The debate showcased the British Parliamentary debate format and different strategies for argumentation and refutation and cross-examination for all Forum participants, aiming to familiarise them with the world's most popular format for university debating.

Read more about the BP demo debate on the Asia Youth Forum website

The eight debaters were:

Opening Government

  1. Sherzod Abdujabborov, Tajikistan
  2. Sharmila Parmanand, Philippines

Opening Opposition

  1. Logandran Balavijendran, Malaysia
  2. Ioan Nascu, Romania

Closing Government

  1. Ratib Ali, Bangladesh
  2. Bianca Dragomir, Romania

Closing Opposition

  1. Rohan Chawla, India
  2. Manos Moschopoulos, Greece

About the Asia Youth Forum

The Asia Youth Forum, one of many regional versions of the IDEA Global Youth Forum, is a two-week experience that combines the Karl Popper Debate Championship, educational tracks (including our Mixed Teams Track which brings students from different countries and different levels of experience together in a peer-to-peer learning experience) and tournaments that allow the speakers to put their newly-acquired skills into practice. Find out more at

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